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The UK government must urgently overhaul its EU engagement strategy

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Britain’s current approach to the European Union has led it to a state of isolation and policy failure. In order to ensure the country’s interests, the UK government needs to develop a new comprehensive EU strategy based on building sustainable coalitions with other Member States, establishing cooperative relations with the EU institutions and fostering broader […]

Britain’s representation in the European Parliament

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This May’s European elections have substantially changed the composition of the UK delegation to the European Parliament. Unfortunately, although Britain is a force in managing European political groups, it is not particularly well represented in the Parliament’s senior leadership. This deficit, combined with the reduction in the number of members from mainstream UK parties, means […]

Britain’s best future is in the European Union

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In the ongoing debate on the UK’s place in the European Union, it’s important to keep the facts in mind. On economic, political and social measures, Britain gains from being part of the EU. At the same time, reforming how the EU works to make it function better is essential if it is to achieve […]

The European Conservatives and the ‘main parties’

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The discourse of European Union politics frequency takes the EU main parties as those which support progressively greater European integration. However, the multitude of views on the course of the EU and the success of a centre-right European group critical of integration challenge this definition for being too narrow. How we define European ‘main parties’ […]

Prospects for Britain in the new European Commission

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While public debate in recent weeks has centred on the question of the next European Commission President, decisions on the Commission’s work programme and the other Commissioners are just as, if not more, important to shaping the future direction of the EU. Britain’s interests rest in the key economic portfolios, but the final remit given […]

Consensus, not automaticity, should govern the selection of the next European Commission President

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Following the European elections, the European Council and the European Parliament must work cooperatively in order to decide the new European Commission President and the Commission’s work programme. The leading candidate experiment did not succeed, and the Council and Parliament must agree a selection process before the next election. The aftermath of this May’s European […]

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